Chassis with 22 ton cab (Mitsubishi H21)


It is a chassis with a 22 ton cab | It is a front tank car

Basic Information
Model yearFebruary 2009Classlarge
Body shapeChassis with cabChassis makerMitsubishi
Chassis modelBDG-FT50JYMaximum loading capacity (kg)Structural change required kg
Mileage (km)1,238,000 KmVehicle InspectionErasure
Recycling ticket¥ 13,580Horsepower320 PS
Mission6-speed 3-pedal MTChassis Specifications320PS 6-speed MT
BodybuilderNilBody typeNil
Bodywork specificationsChassis with cab Wheelbase FF~FR1700mm FR~R4050mm
Car locationKanto (Chiba)
Tire Information frontTop 11R22.5 16PRTire information rearTop 11R22.5 16PR


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