14.6m aerial work platform (Mitsubishi H15)


14.6m aerial work vehicle ➡ Aichi SH15B!

Basic Information
Model yearSeptember 2005ClassMedium
Body shapeAerial work vehicleChassis makerHino
Chassis specificationsBack monitor ETCMaximum loading capacity (kg)500 kg
Mileage (km)159,000 KmInspection DateTemporary erasure
Recycling ticket¥ 8,640Horsepower136 PS
Mission5 speed 3 pedal MTChassis ModlePB-XZU354E
BodybuilderAichiBodywork ModleSH15B
Bodywork specifications14.6m 3-stage electrical construction specification (FRP bucket, 3rd boom FRP) Sub-engine type (operation confirmed) 1 high-pressure hose Total H / M1408h Unit H / M1126h
Car locationKanto (Chiba)
Tire Information frontMedium 205 / 80R17.5Tire information rearMedium 205 / 80R17.5


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